How to Process a Credit Card Chargeback

To process a Credit Card Chargeback in QuikStor Express, please follow the following steps:

  • First, select the payment that you wish to process a Chargeback under Browse Data -> Payments

  • Once you find the payment you wish to process a Chargeback please click “Process Chargeback”

  • Second, you will be asked what amounts you wish to process the Chargeback, if the entire transaction was chargedback please go ahead and enter the full amounts into the category as shown above in BLACK. Once you confirm the total amount you are processing the Chargeback please go ahead and click Yes to complete the transaction.

  • Third, Enter your reason for reversing the payment above, once you are finished you have successfully processed a Chargeback in QuikStor Express.

If you should have any problems or questions, please call QuikStor’s Technical Support at 1-800-321-1987. 

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