How to Protect Your QuikStor Data from a System Restore

Microsoft has a neat feature in Windows, called system restore, that allows a user to restore their computer to a previous date. While the prompts for system restore will tell the user that the process will not affect any of their files this is absolutely incorrect when it comes to your QuikStor Database. System restore WILL roll back your database. That means if today is July 1 and you do a system restore back to January 1 you WILL lose 7 months of data.

Data loss is preventable if you, or your PC tech, follows the steps below.

  1. Determine if your site uses Data Replication. The easiest way to tell is to look for the QuikStor Data Distributor in the system tray. If so, you will need to call QuikStor before proceeding. If your site does not use replication, proceed to step 2.
  2. Double check that your site doesn’t use data replication. The area in red will be empty if your site does not use data replication.
    nosynchA site that does use data replication will have some kind of text in this area. If you do see this (x records to be transferred OR Synchronization Complete) please call QuikStor before proceeding.
    records need to transfer
  3. Copy your Data folder to an external drive (like a thumb drive). The folder MUST be off of the PC This folder is located in C:\qsx
  4. Do your system restore or whatever work needs to be done on the PC.
  5. Replace the Data Folder (and all of its files) with the one on your thumb drive.
  6. Open QuiKStor. Go to browse data -> payments and double check that all of your payment history is accurate.

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