How to Update Online Unit Prices?

  1. Open up QSX. Go to the Tools tab, then Raise/Lower Rents. 
  2. The pop-up screen will appear select Raise/Lower the SCHEDULED RENT for a type but not existing tenant or Raise/Lower the SCHEDULED RENT for all type by a percentage but not existing tenants.
  3. Select the unit type by width/length or by pressing the number with then clicking on the select button.
  4. Now you can enter the new rent amount (this will be updated on the website).at the bottom right you will notice that there is a percentage increase to give aid to decided how much to rent the units for. Right underneath the information for the type of unit will tell you which units you are changing the price for, the current amount, the security deposit and much more. Don’t forget to click OK to save the prices both to your QuikStor Express database and to the your ecommerce site.