How To Void A Payment Not Made Today

To maintain database integrity, Express only allows you to void a payment that happened on the same day as the payment. Credit card payments should be Reversed.  See: Reverse A Credit Card Payment To void a cash or check payment, on any day after the day the payment occurred, follow these steps:

  1. Select the unit you wish to work with (yellow)
  2. On the main screen, in the General tab, click on Last Paid which will bring up the tenants transaction history (red)
  3. Select the payment you wish to void, and click on Re-print Receipt (purple)reprintreceipt
  4. With the receipt in hand, you are now ready to undo the payment.
    1. Select Change Paid-To-Date, and move the tenant’s Paid-To Date to what it was prior to the payment
    2. Select Debit, and debit the tenant any dollar amount that they paid in any field other than Rent And Charges.  Those are taken care of in the step above
    3. If there was a credit applied to the original payment, select Credit and re-apply that credit to the tenant’s account
    4. If any late fees or lien actions are due for the tenant you will need to reapply those manually.
    5. If the bank deposit has not yet been finalized you can adjust it with a Manager Daily Debit so that the correct amount is reflected. If the bank deposit has already been finalized you will not be able to adjust it. Please let your corporate office know of the situation.