Individual Late Fee

QuikStor Express does offer the ability to allow the manager to set the first late fee for an individual customer to an amount different from the global settings. If, for example, all normal tenants get charged a $20 first late fee but your facility only charges military $5 for the first late fee, an individual late fee for the Military customer must be configured.

To do this go to the Tenant Information Window -> Change Tenant Information.

Click on the Misc

Check the box next to Individual Late Fee and set the individual late fee amount.

individual late fee

The tenant in this example will now be charged $5.00 first late fee instead of the global delinquency fee. This late charge will still apply based on the Delinquency Setup.  If the first late fee is set to recur this tenant will be charged $5.00 each month rather than the global amount. All other delinquency fees will always apply for the amount set in Delinquency Setup. 

If at any time you wish to once again charge this tenant the default late fee you will simply un-check the Individual Late Fee button.

Paul Mahoney

Technical Support