Keypad Grounding Requirements – Surge Board


Your new Guardian Series Access System has been through extensive testing for surge dissipation and lightning resistance. Through tests ran at independent laboratories, as well as in the field, it has been determined that having a grounding rod driven into the ground near each keypad stand will provide the highest level of protection from electrical surges. When combined with the above mentioned Surge Board and #12 or larger solid conductor ground wire, your keypad system will greatly improve the possibility of surviving a nearby lightning strike or other electrical disturbance. Simply connect one end of the grounding wire to the “Earth Ground” screw of the Surge Board and the other end to a grounding clamp around the grounding rod. For added protection it is also recommended to run a separate grounding wire between the base of the keypad stand and the grounding rod.

If a grounding rod is not available you may run the same grounding conductor down the keypad stand from the Surge Board and terminate it to the mounting bolts of the keypad stand. This is a much less effective solution and increases the possibility of lightning related surge damage. NEVER install a keypad without a grounding wire running between the “Earth Ground” of the Surge Board and a solid grounding point!

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