Installing Keypad Keys ESD Dissipation Strap

Please read ALL instructions completely before beginning this project.

This is your Keypad Keys ESD (Electronic Static Discharge) Dissipation Strap. There are many like it, but this is the one we send out.esd

If you are making your own ESD Strap we recommend a minimum 18 guage stranded wire, with size 16-14 connectors. For ease of use, we recommend one fork (spade) connector, and one ring connector. 6-7 inches of total wire length is usually sufficient for wired keypads. Wireless keypads require a longer ESD Strap.

Once you have opened your keypad and swung the keypad circuitry out on its hinge, you are ready to begin.

  1. Power down your keypad.
    This knowledge base video shows how to power down a keypad:Resetting Power to a Guardian Keypad
  2. Back out the lower right screw on the front of the keypad keys. This is one of the four screws which connects the keypad keys to the keypad circuitry.Image 2
    Note: You may need to squeeze the white mounting form (green arrow) and the keypad circuitry (orange arrow) together to prevent the spacing nuts between the mounting form and the circuitry (blue arrow) from spinning. The mounting nut on the back of the circuity (yellow arrow) may fall off if the screw is backed out too far. The screw only needs to be backed out far enough to slide the spade terminal between the screw head and the keypad keys.Image 3
  3. Attach the spade end of the ESD Strap under the screw head and retighten the screw.
  4. Next, completely back out the Earth Ground screw (blue arrow) on the surge board on the back of the keypad circuitry (surge board color is not important).img4
  5. Attach the ring terminal to the earth ground screw and reconnect the screw to the surge board. Remember to also reattach the earth ground wire! This earth ground wire will carry ESD events away from the keypad circuitry and prevent the invalid code issue associated with static shocks. The ring terminal will allow for easy disconnection and re-connection of the earth ground wire in a service situation.
  6. Tuck away any excess wire and close your keypad.

Wireless Keypads: Wireless keypads which experience this issue can be grounded to a mounting bolt in your keypad stand or, in extreme cases, a nearby earth ground rod. In this case you would need to fabricate your own ESD strap to the necessary length and attach from the keypad keys to the grounding point directly as there is no surge board!

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