Lightning Protection – Surge Board

Electronics such as access control keypads must endure harsh environments, often including lightning and other power surges. This is why QuikStor has designed a revolutionary module called the, “Surge Board”. This board goes on all access control equipment that is hardwired (versus wireless) including keypads, relay boards and the UltraConverter. This device acts like a circuit breaker or fuse between the device it is protecting and the incoming data wiring. Simply snap it onto the device it is protecting and connect the data wires to it by using the removable wiring block.

In the event of a power surge the Surge Board acts like an automatic circuit breaker by momentarily breaking the data connection between the device and the wiring. When the surge has dissipated the connection is restored and communication resumes as normal. In the event of an extreme lightning-related or other power surge the Surge Board sacrifices itself to protect the device it is attached to. At that time you simply remove the sacrificed one and snap in a new Surge Board, similar to an automobile fuse. Surge Boards are inexpensive and easily replaced without the need for expensive component replacements.

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