Make a Bank Deposit (E-M)

Use this to print a bank deposit at the end of each day, which you may take to the bank the following day.  Prior to printing this report, you may wish to print a Trial Bank Deposit to verify that your deposits match your collections.  The trial report may be run any number of times, but when the real bank deposit is run, it cannot be run again.  The reason for this is that after running the bank deposit, a marker is set in the deposit record so that all transactions from this point until the next bank deposit are included on that next bank deposit.

All the cash, checks and credit card income that have been collected will appear on this deposit.  Make sure the printer is ready when you select this report.  More than one copy may be set to print, so you can keep one or more for your records.

You can always print another copy later of the bank deposit by going to Browse Data -> Bank Deposits, and clicking the Preview Bank Deposit Report button.