Mass Emailing or Printing Custom Letters to Tenants

Creating the Custom Letter

  1. Open QuikStor Express
  2. Select the tools tab, then click on “Word Processing”                                                                                    
  3. A pop-up window will appear. In the list of custom letters scroll down till you find the custom letters folder, click on the plus sign to expand the folder. Click on the folder to highlight blue and click the “New” button to add a new custom letter as shown below. Change the name of the new letter to your liking.
  4. Click on the custom letter and now select the “Design” button located to the “New” button. When clicked on the pop up with a text editor for the custom letter you just created will pop up as shown below.
  5. Double click on the largest rectangular box where your message would go. A smaller text editor will pop up. The top screen is the screen that you want to use to type in or paste in your custom letter for your tenants. You can also enlarge the top screen by moving the middle divider up and down.

There are two methods that can be used to be able to send a mass email to the current/former tenants using the Print Custom Letters option and the other using QuikCRM

Print Custom Letters Method


  1. When you have finished save the file by pressing ctrl + s or by going to file tab at the top left then clicking save. Now that we have successfully created a custom email, we will now show you how to preview, print and/or email it. Exit out of the “Word Processing” pop-up. Click on the tenant tab and then select the “Custom Letters\Labels” button.
  2. The “Processing Custom Letters” window will pop-up, find your custom letter on the right hand list. Make sure that the drop down menu closest to the top left is on “Show Existing Tenants” or set of tenants to send the letter out to, then select all or select a set of tenants to email it too. On the right hand side you can preview the letter, print them out, and email them to the selected tenants.
  3. You will get an information window letting you know if you want to send the messages via email immediately instead of waiting a certain amount of time. Go to the “Tools” tab then click “Process Outbox” and it will send the emails.


Using QuikCRM

  1. Again, do not forget to save your custom letter before doing the following. Go to the Favorites tab, then click on QuikCRM Setup button.
  2. A pop-up window will appear, click on the Add + button
  3. Another pop up window will appear, here you will add the name to the scheduled email to be sent, the custom letter using the drop down menu, select if you want it a day before, after or on the even day, when it will be sent, if it will be a single occurrence, which customers it will go to, and the delivery method. Once, done click on the Okay options and exit out of the pop up windows.

NOTE: make sure that the option for QuikCRM is enabled, which is found if you go to Change infofor a tenant, for this to apply. Remember that the emails will only be sent to tenants who possess an email.

**NOTE: This will create triggers to email, text, etc., automatically instead of doing it manually like the method above.