Master List of Tenants

There are three reports that you can print out from the Data Entry program. All operational reports are available through QuikStor Express.

  • Master List of Tenants
  • List of All the Units
  • Unit Efficiency Report

To run these reports, go to the Reports menu on your toolbar and select the report you wish to run. The Master List of Tenants contains a complete list of all of the tenants in your site.  This list also includes all vacant units.  The List of All the Units report provides a summary of all units. The Unit Efficiency report provides an analysis of how your unit mix is using the square footage available.

This is the most important, and next to last step before you finish with the Data Entry program and begin using Express.  Print the Master List of Tenants and please read it thoroughly.  It may seem tedious, but you’ll only have to do this once, and it will keep your site running smoothly for years.  Please pay special attention to Paid-To dates and balances.

Important:  You must print this list out before you are able to complete data entry! 

Paul Mahoney

Technical Support