Monthly Charges Reports

This category contains all of the reports dealing with the monthly charges acquired for your site.

Insurance Activity Report (E-Y-K)

This report is only used if you collect insurance from your tenants and have an Insurance module activated in Express. This is an insurance statement that you can provide for a tenant of premiums paid.

Insurance Activity Report For a DateRange (E-Y-K-1)

This report contains all of the same information as the Insurance Activity Report.  The only difference is when you click on this report, you can enter in a date range. 

Insurance Activity Report (E-Y-K-2)

The report shows all transactions for insurance made for the time period you select.  Included at the bottom of the report are totals for amounts collected and tenants currently paying for insurance coverage

Total Monthly Charges (E-R-W)

This report gives you an itemized listing of your monthly charges, and the revenue generated by these charges during a given time period.  It also provides you with the average monthly income from these charges.

Details on Monthly Charges (E-R-W-1)

This report will show you information for all of the monthly charges tenants have incurred for the selected date range.  This report is separated by each specific monthly charge that your site has setup, which then gives you a list in date order of these charges.

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