Moving QSX to a New Computer

Windows 8 & 10 Customers – Please call QuikStor for assistance with User Account Control

*If using Vista or Windows 7 please remove or disable UAC and restart the computer before installing the applications.

The following steps will get you through the process of moving QuikStor Express from one computer to another.

1.   Copy the ENTIRE QSX folder from the root of C: from the old computer onto the new computer. (The best way to accomplish this is by putting the folder onto a USB thumb drive or somewhere on the network.
2.   Verify what version of QuikStor Express you are running. You can do this by clicking Help > About QuikStor.

If you are running QuikStor Express or higher (3.3.5.XX) you can download the setup file from .
If you are running you will use the following link
*QSX Installation password is: mollie

3.   You will also need to install QuikFirebird 2.04.13130 to get the QuikStor Express software to run. You can download the setup file from
4.   You will then need to copy the contents of the old QSX folder into the new QSX folder. (Overwrite the newly installed files (Located in the root of C:) with the files of from your old computer).
6.   Start QuikStor Express and log in with your username and password.
7.   Finally If you are running QuikStor Express or higher (3.3.5.XX), click on Help > Check For Updated Version. Clicking Yes on the message that appears will cause QuikStor Express to automatically download and install the latest version of QuikStor Express.

*Please contact support if you have a gate integration, or any other QS product that integrates with QSX.

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