New Printer Not Working With QuikStor Express

The steps below will help you configure QSX to work with your new printer.

  • The first thing you need to do is try printing a document outside of the QSX program. If you are unable to print, then you will need to consult your printer manual for further help.
  • defaultprinterIf you are able to print the document but you still can’t print anything in QSX you will need to open the Windows Control Panel (Start > Control Panel) and click on the Printers icon. Verify that your new printer shows up in this window and also that it is set as the default printer (designated by a check mark next to the printer).
  • After you have verified all this information, you will need to close out of QSX and launch it again so that it accepts the change of default printers.
  • Then go to Tools tab > Wordprocessing. Select any document e.g. Invoice and edit the file by pressing the “Design” button. Select the file button close to the top left corner and go to Report options. Here select the printer you want to use click ok and  save the the file.

You should now be able to use your new printer in QSX.