NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) Check

Select a tenant from your list, and then go to Payment -> NSF Check.

Look over this information carefully.  Make sure that you have selected the correct customer, as well as the correct payment.  Then decide if you would like to print an NSF letter, and if so, how many copies.NSF Check

The amount of the NSF charge is determined by the amount you have entered in your Site Setup, under NSF Charge. Click here to see where you can adjust the NSF Fee: Facility Tab

Customers can be restricted to Cash Only if the have NSF’d over the maximum number of times allowed in option #14 of the Technical Tab in Change Site Setup. Click here to see how to adjust that setting:Technical Tab

Important Note for STRICT FIRST OF THE MONTH Facilities only:  Even if you have selected “Strict First of the Month Facility” under Site Setup, the tenant’s Paid-To-Date will be moved to their move-In date.  This means they will most likely have a Paid-To-Date that is not the 1st.  However, the next time this customer makes a payment, it will move their Paid-To-Date to the first of the next month, and they may end up with a credit balance.  (Example:  A customer moves in on 03/10.  Their check bounces.  When you mark the check as NSF in Express their Paid-To-Date will be 03/10, and the balance will be equal to a full months rent, plus any other charges such as security deposit, administration fees, and NSF charges.  When the balance is paid, the Paid-To-Date will move to 04/10, and there will be credit equal to 6 days payment.)

When you have confirmed that the information is correct, click the ?Yes button to confirm.

Paul Mahoney

Technical Support

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