Online Payment Setting

Some sites disable tenant access to Online Payments after being late X number of days. For various reasons the sites limit the delinquent tenant to paying in person. Usually after the pre-lien or lien sale notice has been printed.

You now have the option of disabling the tenant’s ability to make an online payment based on the number of days the tenant is delinquent.

  • Go to Internet Settings and click on the E-commerce payment option


A tenant has a Paid to Date of 12/21/2013 and your variable is set to disable Payment Access 45 days after Paid to Date, the Make a Payment option  on the website will be disabled on 2/6/2014.

The delinquent tenant will receive the message below when they attempt to make an Online Payment.

contact mgr

*Please note If you don’t want to block any tenants access to online payment, regardless of delinquency status, please enter a high number like 999.


If your Online Payment Variable reverts back to 1, please verify that all the copies of QuikStor Express are updated to to v or higher.

Manny Ramirez

Technical Support