Operations Reports

This category contains reports having to do with the operations of your site.  Below is a breakdown of each report.

Facility Summary Report (F-S-R)

This report provides all of the most important day-to-day information about your site in a simple one page report. You can specify a date range and see a complete breakdown of all collections by payment type (cash, check, CC) and payment category (Rent, Late Fees, Inventory, etc.). You can also see how many units were rented/vacated, current outstanding collections, credit/free rent given.

Actual Deposits (E-R-Y)

This report lists all actual deposits for a specified time period, categorized into cash, check, and credit card totals.

Bank Deposit by Credit Card Type (E-R-Y-2)

Displays a breakdown of transactions that were deposited in the bank by credit card type.

Analysis of Length of Occupancy (E-L-G)

This report provides an analysis of how long current and former tenants have stayed at your facility. It provides totals for each and categorizes them from less than a month to more than three years.

Report On Notes (E-W)

This report will print out all of your daily notes for a specified time period.

Facility Review / Walk-Around Form (E-Y-W)

This is a form that you can use when performing a physical walk around of your facility.

List of All Units (E-Y-G)

This report will print a list of all units, in unit order; include the size, height, floor, location, and door type.

Amounts Owed (E-R-D)

This report will tally all the rent, late charges, other charges, credits owed and the total owed.  Following that will be a total of all the currently held security deposits.

Length of Occupancy (L-O-C)

Similar to the E-L-G report, this provides a summary of your occupancy duration with further categorization for given months.

Waiting List (W-L-R)

This report provides a list of customers who are currently waiting for a unit of a certain size to become vacant.  In addition to the person’s name, this report will also list their home phone number, work phone, date they came in, date they need the unit by, and the minimum & maximum sizes they will rent.

Phone Call List (E-F-H)

This report will print the current list in the Phone Calls list menu.

Site Notes From Calendar (S-N-C)

This report will print any notes that you have entered into the calendar, as well as any debits, credits, paid-to changes, or voided payments during that time.

User Setup Report (U-S-R)

You can select a specific user or group from the list and then preview or print all of the user settings for them: UserSetupReprot

Trucks Used During a Move-in (M-T-U)

This report tracks if a truck was used as part of the move-in process. For example, if your facility offered a free truck as part of the move-in incentive, you can mark Yes or No in the move-in form (under the Miscellaneous tab” as to whether or not a truck was used. The data is shown in this report to see how effective your truck promotion actually is. On this report you will find the date, unit number, size, tenant name, profile, source, and status.

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