Plug N’ Pay (PNP) Tab Setup

This tab allows you to set up all of your PNP settings in Express.


Plug N’ Pay is the payment gateway for your credit card processing. QuikStor Express interfaces directly with Plug N’ Pay and Plug N’ Pay interfaces with your credit card processor. Plug N’ Pay is fully PCI compliant and all credit card information is entered directly into a secure browser window connected to Plug N’ Pays server.

On this tab you will enter in the Payment URL for the Plug N’ Pay server where you payments will be made. When you create your merchant account with Plug N’ Pay they will provide QuikStor with the URL and parameters to setup this tab for you. You will also be able to set Address Verification Levels (AVS) and how many days after a Paid-To-Date you want to process credit cards on auto billing or if you would like to use a Proxy Server.

Once you have entered in the labels you want at this time, check the fields to make sure they are correct, and then click the ?Save & Exit button to confirm your choices.

Note: This will save all of your changes and exit Site Setup, so if you wish to make any other modifications to your site, do so before clicking ?OK.

Manny Ramirez

Technical Support