Print All Bills

This function will print all of the current bills ready to send out.

The bills are typically printed out automatically during overnight processing.  Use this function if for some reason that did not happen, or if you need to have another set of bills printed.  This will automatically print all bills to be sent out.  Remember, bills do not print automatically for tenants who are delinquent.  At that point, the tenants should be receiving delinquency notices, not bills.

What this means is that if you do not have the bills set to print during the overnights you can use this option to print them only on the day that the bills are supposed to print out.  If you try this on a different day or the bills have already printed out, you will need to use the Print Bill For Tenant option.

To manually print bills: 

Go to Tenant -> Bills and Letters -> Print All Bills.


The system will ask you to confirm you would like to manually print the bills:


If you do want to continue to manually print bills click yes and enter the date range. The system will print all bills that were scheduled to be printed during this date range. Keep in mind that the system will NOT print bills for tenants who are current.



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