Printing Address Labels

QuikStor Express has a built in feature allowing you to print address labels in the event you do not have window envelopes available or you need labels for any other special reason. To access this area of the program go to Tenant -> Custom Letters \ Labels


A window will appear allowing you to select the custom letter you wish to process from the right hand side. In this case we will choose Custom Labels. On the left side you must check the box for the tenants who need the labels. A convenient drop down menu is available that will allow you to filter the list by Existing Teanants, Former Tenants, Delinquent Tenants and Alternate Tenants. In this case I will choose Delinquent Tenants so that I can print labels for my Lien Sale Notice tenants.


By default the list will be sorted in unit order. You can click on any column heading to sort by that column. I will click on Paid To to sort my delinquent tenants in order of their paid to date. I’ll then check the box next to the tenants who need a label. I can also Set All if I want all tenants in this list to get a label.whotosend

Once the tenants have been selected click Preview to preview the label sheet that will print. A popup appears to remind you that the labels are formatted for AVERY 5160 labels


A preview of the labels will appear. If everything looks OK go ahead and click Print . Be sure you have your label paper loaded!


There is currently no way to choose where to start the labels. If you are not printing full sheets you can try turning the sheet around the next time you print.

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