QSX Network installation

Disclaimer: QuikStor does not provide technical support for issues related to the setup of your network. You must be familiar with these issues yourself and understand the procedures described here without further assistance. QuikStor does not support any setup, configuration or user related issues with this configuration as it is not a true networked program.
Where to put the data
QuikStor Express and the corresponding data files should be installed on the fastest computer on your network. For the sake of this document, that will be called the “master computer.” QuikStor Express must also be installed on each computer where it will be run. Each of these computers must then map a network drive to the hard drive of the “master computer” that contains the data files. The master computer must be running the QuikStor program at all times.

Example: QuikStor data files are in C:\QSX\DATA on the master computer. The master computer’s network name is “Master”.

Running QuikStor Express off of a networked computer does not require that the Master Computer have any hard drives shared.

All computers running QuikStor Express MUST have the same version of QSX. All updates MUST be applied to ALL computers.

How to install QuikStor Express on the slave computer(s)

1. Close out of any/all active QuikStor applications (includes Express, 3D Site Graphics, and if using QuikStor keypads, the Guardian Control Panel or Gate Controller interface depending on the type of QuikStor keypads you are using).

2. Install QuikStor on each slave computer on the network normally (ensure the program version is the same on each and must match the version of Express on the master computer).

  1. Windows 8 Customers – Please call QuikStor for assistance with User Account Control*If using Vista or Windows 7 please remove or disable UAC and restart the computer before installing the applications.
  2. Download the QuikStor Express setup file from www.quikstor.com/v3400 . The installation password is mollie . 
  3. You will also need to install Firebird to get the QuikStor Express software to run. You can download the Firebird 2.0 setup file from http://www.quikstor.com/firebird . If your site uses Firebird 2.5 please contact QuikStor for assistance. Most sites will be using Firebird 2.0.
  4. Copy the QSExpress.exe file from C:\qsx on the Master Computer to C:\qsx on the slave computer.

3. Before running QuikStor, locate the Quikstor Express icon and with the right-mouse button, right click the icon and select Properties. Click the Shortcut tab and click at the end of the target line, press the space bar one time, and add the path to the master computer and disable overnights (only the master computer will run overnights) exactly as follows:

PATH=”{primary computer name}:c:\qsx\data\qsx.gdb” NO_OVERNIGHT

An example is of the complete line is:

C:\qsx\QSExpress.exe PATH="master:c:\qsx\data\qsx.gdb" NO_OVERNIGHT

(be sure to include the quotation marks).

A completed icon’s properties will look like this (Substitute your Master Computer’s name for “RANDY3” in this example):network

Click on Apply.  Now click the General tab and check the Read-only option at the bottom.

Click on OK.

4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each additional slave computer.


Is the database not opening? Try turning the firewall off on both PC’s.

Still having trouble? Try turning off the anti-virus on both PC’s.

Double Check

Be sure to shutdown all slave computers (leaving the master computer on to run overnight processing) at the end of each day.
When installing future Express updates, all computers MUST exit the QuikStor program before you install the update. All computers must be on the same version of Express at all times (e.g., when one is updated, the remainder must be updated). Once the update is installed on all computers, you may resume normal operation.

Things To Be Aware Of

  • Gates: Any gate integration must be run from the Master computer.  Any gate hardware must be hooked up to the Master computer.
  • QuikPhoto: Because QuikPhoto files are stored locally, each computer must have their own copy of each image file.  These can be copied between computers very quickly, but this is not done automatically.  The QuikPhoto files are stored in c:\qsx\photos on each computer.
  • Internet Setup / Check Processing: If you are using any Express features which require Internet access (QuikPay Direct credit card processing, sending email to tenants from Express, automatic reports scheduling with emailed reports), the internet setup must be named exactly the same thing on every computer running Express (i.e. same internet account).  Each computer running Express must have access to the Internet in the same way, so if you are using an older dial up method, each computer must have a modem and a phone line connected to it.

C:\qsx\QSExpress.exe PATH=”master:c:\qsx\data\qsx.gdb” NO_OVERNIGHT

Paul Mahoney

Technical Support

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