QuikStor Overnight Processing Could Not Run On Site

QuikStor facilities using site to server synchronization for E-commerce and/or SmartClient may occasionally receive a message or email that says Overnight Processing Could Not Run Due to Synchronization Issue. This issue occurs when all records could not transfer from site to server or vice versa. QuikStor prevents overnights from running to ensure that tenants who have paid online do not get assessed a late fee (which happens during overnight processing).

Reasons Sites Stop Syncronizing & How To Resolve

  • Internet Down – Synchronization is facilitated by the internet. Any interruption in internet connectivity at either the site or the server location can cause synchronization issues. At the site level, once internet connectivity has been restored restart the QuikStor Data Distributor. If there has been no loss of internet connectivity at the site please restart your PC. The PC will try to connect to the Server automatically on re-boot. 
  • The Computer Was Off – The computer must be left running. If a computer at the site is turned off the records will need to re-synchronize once the computer is started back up. This can take 10 – 15 minutes. Once QuikStor Express shows “Syncronization is Complete” log out and log back in to process overnights.
  • QuikStor Data Distributor Is Not Running – QuikStor Synchronization relies on the QuikStor Data Distributor to transfer items between the site and server. If the Data Distributor is not running QuikStor cannot transfer the information to the server. Start the data distributor using the instructions below.
  • Database Error – Database errors are rare but can also cause synchronization issues. The most common database error we see is after a site has performed a system restore. Managers should always contact QuikStor Support prior to performing a system restore on their site computer. If none of the above steps work to resolve the synchronization issue it could be due to a data error. Please contact QuikStor Support for assistance. 

Checking / Restarting QuikStor Data Distributor

Locate the QuikStor Data Distributor icon in system tray. The system tray is typically in the lower right hand side of your computer near the clock.


Right click on the icon. A menu will appear. If the word start is available (black) click it to start the program.


If the word Start is not available, click Restart


This will start / restart the site to server connection. Records should start to transfer over and synchronization usually completes within 15 minutes depending on how many records needed to be transferred. If the number of records does not decrease or you are still unable to run Overnight Processing, please contact QuikStor Support for further assistance.

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