Reasons The Gate May Deny Access

Keypad Communication Issues – Be sure that your QuikStor Keypads are communicating. You should see the tenants attempts at entering the key code in your gate activity. If the gate activity is not displaying your keypad may have communication issues preventing it from receiving up to date information about this tenant. Please reference these QuikStor knowledge base articles for troubleshooting.

Tenant is Delinquent with Zero Balance –

Tenant is Delinquent & Grace Period Is Over – Tenants are technically delinquent on their paid to date. The grace period setting determines how many days grace period a tenant will be granted. Currently tenants can not be locked out on their paid to date but can be locked out any day following.

Manual Lockout (special lock) – Is the tenant manually restricted? This knowledge base article explains how a manual restriction would be set and what it would look like in QuikStor Express:

Tenant is Using the Wrong Code – If the gate activity is displaying “Invalid Code” when the tenant is entering their key code, the tenant may not be using the code they have been assigned. The Gate Activity Report will show you the key code being used by the tenant. You can then compare this report to the tenants account and provide them with the correct code if necessary.

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