Registering IP address for Plug N Pay

If you are using Plug N Pay and you receive the a “IP not registered to username” error when making, voiding, or returning a payment, do the following:


  1. Login to your Merchant Administration Area (
  2. Click on the “Security Administration” link.
  3. Click on the “Transaction Security Configuration” link.
  4. Go to the “Add IP Address” section.
  5. Enter the IP address which appeared in the error response you received from our server, in the “IP Address” field.
  6. Click on the “Add IP Address” button.
  7. If you receive a CAPTCHA verification screen, enter the CAPTCHA answer into the box you’re provided and click on the submit button.
  8. IP is now registered, test by making, voiding, returning a payment, etc.

If you are still having issues with this please contact Plug’N Pay support for assistance, if you are still having issues with QuikStor Express call us for assistance.