Relay Board Installation Materials and Recommendations

Tools Needed for Installation

  •  Phillips-head screw driver
  • Small Flat-head screw driver
  • Wire strippers
  • Cordless screw gun
  • Phillips-head drill bit
  • Fish tape (to pull siren wiring if necessary)

QuikStor Recommends the Following Wire

  • 18/2 for 12VDC power – relay board
  • 18/2 for wiring sirens to relay board
  • 18/2 (OAS) – relay board data wiring to the UltraConverter

Wiring Requirements

  •  12 VDC runs should be no longer than 200ft
  • Splices made on 18/2 should always be done with wire nuts or using a suitable termination/splice block
  • Any splices made in underground junction boxes or in an area where water or other foreign materials could short the wires, they must have a wire nut (or similar connector) filled with silicone or like material

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