Remote Allcon Troubleshooting

QuikStor offers a remote gate system which allows a computer at one facility to update gate codes at an unmanned facility. This feature has a few basic requirements that must be met in order for it to function properly. These are:

Remote Allcon Checklist

Both Computers (Main and Remote)

Main PC

  • Internet Connection
  • Port 3050 open. (
  • A static IP Address or a type of DynDNS.
  • Should have ALLCON2=SEND on their allcon.cfg file.  See sample allcon.cfg below

Remote PC

  • Internet Connection
  • Remote Computer should have QDD installed and running.
  • Should be set to never go to sleep or enter standby mode.
  • Should have ALLCON2=GET on the allcon.cfg file. See sample allcon.cfg below.allconget

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