Remove Price Levels

The Revenue Optimization Center can be found in various menus, including the Favorites tab and Marketing tab in Modern View (look for this button revenue center ) or on the main toolbar you will find this icon ribbon in Classic View.

Optimize Your Revenue – in this section you will see a summary of your specials & price levels, and how they are applied to unit types and eCommerce.

  • To remove an assigned price level please select the following Optimize your Revenue Tab

    • Then, find the desired unit type ID which in this example is a 10X10 Unit Type 1 with QuikStor Demo Price Level assigned

Once found please find you’re Price Levels Column and un-check the price level you would like to remove from the unit type.

    • Please confirm the removal of the Price Level for the selected unit type

    • After, clicking Yes you have now successfully removed the selected price level

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