Report Center

The Report Center is a new way of searching, previewing, and grouping your 150+ reports! In the Report Center you can see a preview of any report along with a detailed description. A search box allows you to search on keywords or titles. And quick links to add any report to your Scheduling module or to the Favorite Reports section.

To access the Report Center, go to the Report tab and click the  button. You will see the following screen open. The first time you open the Report Center it will default to the Daily Reports section. Once you select Favorite Reports it will subsequently open to that tab.


At the top of the screen is a search bar that allows you find the report you are looking for by using the report name, description, key word in the report, or abbreviation (i.e. E-N).

Up to six report previews will be shown at one time. If there are more reports for a selected tab or search, you may use the arrow buttons at the lower right hand of the screen. The number of pages of reports is listed below the arrows.

TIP: The report images on this screen, as well as the previews, are NOT your live facility data but merely screenshots of the same report with sample data. You can always open a live report by double-clicking the report image.

On the left side of the screen are tabs for each report section available in QuikStor Express. Below the report section tabs you will find tabs for your Favorite Reports, Scheduled Reports, and Search Results (shows all reports in the last run search).

Once you find the report you are looking for, or one that you would like to learn more about, simply click the report image once to bring up the screen below:


This screen enlarges the report preview and provides several options:

  • Add to Favorites – this button will add the selected report to your Favorite Reports menu
  • Add to Scheduled Reports – this button will open the Report Scheduler and allow you to add & schedule the selected report to the list of reports that are printed/emailed during Overnight Processing.
  • Run the Report – clicking this button will run the selected report with your live facility data (the same as if you had run it from the Report menu)
  • Description – this button will bring up a brief description of the selected report to give you an idea of why you would want to use this report at your facility and which information it will provide you.

To exit from this preview screen, click the red  button at the right of the screen.


Paul Mahoney

Technical Support