Reset Sort Order

Very rarely QuikStor will not sort the units in their natural order. Resetting the sort order will never negatively affect a database so if you feel you are having a sorting issue this is something you can try.

First, make sure you have the Classic toolbar available. You can get to this toolbar by switching to Classic Style.

Switching between Classic and Modern style is easy. You’ll want to locate the small menu bar at the upper left hand side of your screen.


Click on the down arrow with the little line over it and select the layout style you desire.


From the classic menu you will want to go to Tools -> Maintenance -> Reset Sort Order


Now click on Unit to sort units by Unit Number.


Your units should now be sorted in natural order (1,2,3,4 ETC)


April has worked at QuikStor since 2008. As the former technical support manager she is experienced with all QuikStor products. Currently, she works as a sales representative to help storage facilities find solutions with QuikStor. Interested in purchasing software or keypads? Call April today!

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