Revenue Optimization Center Overview

This feature allows you to setup specials, promotions, and price levels at your facility.

The Revenue Optimization Center is a central location for defining specials, setting up variable rent adjustments based on occupancy (price levels) and optimizing your specials & price levels by linking them together.

The Revenue Optimization Center can be found in various menus, including the Favorites tab and Marketing tab in Modern View (look for this button revenue center ) or on the main toolbar you will find this icon ribbon in Classic View.

Once you click on the Revenue Optimization Center button a window like the one below will be displayed. There are three main sections in the Revenue Optimzation Center:

  • Setup Specials & Discounts – this is the section where you will define your specials
  • Setup Price Levels – in this section you will define your variable rental rates and what criteria will be used to determine when a rent level for a given unit type will increase or decrease.

Optimize Your Revenue – in this section you will see a summary of your specials & price levels, and how they are applied to unit types and eCommerce. roc