Reverse A Credit Card Payment

A credit card payment can be reversed ONLY if the payment was not taken today. A Debit Card payment taken today can be reversed tomorrow.A credit card payment taken today must be Voided. See: Void A Credit Card Payment 

Instructions for Reversing a Credit Card Payment

  • Go to Browse Data -> Paymentsbrowsedatapayments
  • Select the payment you wish to reverse. If this transaction can be reversed the reverse payment button will be available. Click Reverse Paymentreverseselectpayment
  • Choose which categories and amounts to reverse. You may choose to do a full reversal or partial reversal. Once the Total Allocated matches Reverse Credit Card Amount the OK button will become available. Click OK to reverse the payment and refund the credit card. reversepaymentinfo
  • Once the payment has been reversed a confirmation message appears letting you know the card had been refunded. The tenant’s bank account will be credited within 2-3 business days in most cases.reversesuccess

Paul Mahoney

Technical Support