Review Storage Rent Payment Transactions

Storage Rent Payment (SRP) is a credit card processor that works with QuikStor Express to process credit cards. This article is provided as a courtesy. Storage Rent Payment is not owned by QuikStor and any questions related to your Storage Rent Payment account or the way transactions appear or batch should be directed to them. They can be reached at 1-877-809-0555 

First, log into your Storage Rent Payment account at QuikStor does not have access to your Username or Password. If you have forgotten either or have difficulty logging in please contact Storage Rent Payment at the number above for assistance. Once you are logged in select Reports.srpreports

Then select Transaction Activity


Insert your date range and click Search Transactions. You can further refine your search using the other options available in this window if need be.

transaction search

Your transactions for the date range selected will be displayed. The name on the card, transaction date, authorization number, last four of the card, status and amount are default fields available. You can check these transactions against the credit card and ach transactions in QuikStor Express for the same date range.transaction_results

Paul Mahoney

Technical Support