Scheduling a Report to Email / Print Monthly

The QuikStor Express report center provides the availability for a facility manager to schedule reports to print on certain days. To schedule a report to print every night with the overnights you would use the following procedure:

Go to Tools – > Schedule Reports for Overnightschedule

Locate the report you want to have printed / emailed monthly with the overnights. In this case I want to schedule the FSR. Configure the settings for the report. In this case I am configuring the FSR report to print on the first of every month for the preceding months data. Check the box for Process this report during overnight. Then check the box for Monthly and selected the number 1 to have this report to print / email on the first of each month.

Configuring this report mid December to first print on January 1st I have selected the first date range to be 12/01/2013 – 12/31/2013. This will automatically update itself each month.In this case I have set the report to email only. You could also have it e-mailed or both print and email. Click OK and this report has now been scheduled!


Paul Mahoney

Technical Support