Sending Backups Via Email

QuikStor Express versions with the QuikEmail module have the capability of sending backups automatically each night with the overnights to one or more specified email addresses.

To setup this function visit Internet Settings -> Database Backup

You may see a screen like this:senddbbackuptooutbox

Check the box to send the database backup to the outbox during overnights. Three options will appear.sendbackup

To: In this area enter the email address you would like to receive a copy of the database backup.

Copy: In this area enter in a second email address, if desired, to receive a copy of the database backup.

Path: In this area you can enter an alternate path for backup including a path to a thumb drive or external hard drive.

Please remember that the TO and COPY email addresses can only receive a copy of the backup if your Internet Settings are correctly configured AND the database backup size falls within the limits of your email provider.