Setting up Clickatell for QuikText

Start by going to the Clickatell website,  When you click on ‘register,’ you will come to this page:

Type in your info like so:

Next you will come upon a page which informs you to find a confirmation email. There, you can activate your account.  Click on the link.

Now your account will be created and you will be redirected to a log in page.

Log in to set up billing.  To do this go to the dashboard and click on ‘setup billing’ under Setup Your Account.

Here you can put in your information for billing.

Next, you will want to go back to your menu and select ‘SMS Integrations.’  Select ‘Create new integration.’  You may enter a name for your integration and enter a description.  We recommend using ‘QuikStor QuikText’ as a description.

Then you can fill out the rest of the settings and save.

Next, in order to get the long form number, click on ‘2-way numbers’ on the menu and select ‘Get long numbers.’  Select your country and the area code closest to you.

Select the number in the next tab.

Select your subscription plan.

Once you’ve looked over everything in the summary, you can add to your cart and checkout.

Once you receive your long form number, you can login to your QuikStor Express Software, click on ‘QuikText’ on the menu, and enter your number into the two way number slot.