Setup Specials and Discounts

Click the setupspecials button to begin.

The following window shows you a list of current Specials that have been defined. On the right hand section of the screen you have two columns, “Active” and “Available”. If there is a check mark in the Active column for a defined Special then that means that it is setup and ready to use as long as it is within the available date range. This allows owners to define many different Specials at one time with varying Available dates. If there is a check mark in the Available column then it means that the Special is within the date range specified during setup and can be used by the manager during a move-in.

At the bottom of this box are buttons that allow you to create a New Special, Edit an existing Special, or Delete a Special. There is also a button that allows you to Assign Unit Types to a defined Special. specials

Let’s start by creating a new Special. Click on the new button

There are potentially four screens in the Specials wizard. We will walk through each screen and how to define a given special using the wizard.

For this exercise we will create a $1 Move-In Special, which includes a free lock.

On the right hand side of each of these screens will be a Help section that will assist you in defining your Special.

The first thing to do is to select the foundation of your new Special, in this case we will select the second option which gives us a $1.00 Move-In with Free Pro-Rate. As you can see on the screen below you also have the option to charge the full amount for the Pro-Rate or to not Pro-Rate at all. Click the next button to move to the next section of the wizard.

tipAnywhere you see an underlined blue number or word, you will be able to modify it to best suit your needs.window

On the next screen you will give your new Special a title; in our scenario we will name our Special, “$1 Move-In with FREE lock!”.generalsetup

You will see a progress bar at the top of this screen that shows your progress through the wizard.

After you enter your title, you need to set a Start date and End date for your Special. This is the date range that will determine when the Special is available for the manager to use in Express or when it is available in eCommerce. If you do not want to select an End date, check the “No end date” box.

Next you can enter a Coupon Code. The Coupon Code that you enter here can be used in eCommerce. For example, if you advertise in the Yellow Pages and offer a Free lock if you enter promo code FREE you could create that Special using that Coupon Code, and when a prospect goes online to rent their unit they would enter FREE on the checkout screen to receive their free lock. This allows you to target your advertising dollars to the most lucrative places. This is an optional field.

Below that is a Description box that allows you to enter notes about your Special. This is for internal use only and is not shown elsewhere online or in Express.

Lastly, you have the choice to conclude your Special and click Finish or to check the “Need more options?”checkbox and continue adding options into your Special.Since we are adding a free lock to our special, we will check the box and click the Next button.

On the next screen you will select additional options for your Special.addoptions

Here you add more options to your new Special, including how to handle pro-rate, setup fees, or adding insurance or inventory with the Special.

You can also set which days of the week you want this Special to be available for, in case you want to have just a weekend special or push a special on a traditionally slow day of the week.

The final screen is a summary of your new Special.Congratulations

Click the finish button to complete your new Special.

Now you must assign which unit types will be associated with this Special.assign unit types

On this screen all of your unit types are listed with checkboxes to the left of the size. You can select unit types individually or click the “Select All Unit Types” text.

There are also two columns after the unit description called, “Special”and “Price Level”. A “Y” in the column means there is already a Special associated with the unit type (which is ok, you can have as many specials for a unit type as you wish) and a “Y” in the Price Level column indicates that there is already a Price Level associated with this unit type. You should only have ONE price level per unit type setup to prevent confusion; however you are permitted to set up multiple price levels to account for various occupancy rates.

At the very bottom of the screen you will see a Specials and Price Levels tab. When you click on a specific unit type any associated Specials or Price Level’s will appear in this box.

Once you select your unit types, click the assignspecial button to complete the assignment. If you wish to offer this Special through eCommerce, check the “Make this Special available in e-Commerce” box. Click Close when you are done to finalize your new Special!

clipboardOnly one Special can be assigned, per unit type, in eCommerce. If you already have a Special assigned to a unit type for eCommerce, and you assign a new one, it will overwrite the original one. If you use Coupon Codes you can have as many Specials as you want in eCommerce, but only the latest one assigned will display on the main rental/reservation pages.

Note: Specials can only be applied to new rentals. Existing tenant discounts are not currently supported. To give a discount to an existing tenant please see these helpful articles:

Giving Free Rent To An Existing Tenant

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