Socket Error #11004 when Processing a Credit Card Payment

The socket error is usually from something like a Firewall blocking the QuikStor program from having access. To check if Windows Firewall is blocking or allowing access to QuikStor Express please view the following instructions how to add programs to be allowed by Windows Firewall.

1. The following is a screen shot of the following “Charged Failed Socket Error #11004″ being displayed while a manager is trying to take a payment.

2. Go to the Start Menu on your computer, then select Control Panel.

3. Select System and Security under the Control Panel Menu.


4. Select Windows Firewall under the System and Security Menu.

5. Under Windows Firewall Select the following option Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall.

6. Under the Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall Menu please find the following application QSExpress. (If you don’t see QSExpress please scroll down for instructions how to add a program to the Allowed programs and features list.)allowlist

7. Please check the following boxes for QSExpress for Domain | Home/Work (Private) | Public.

8. Close Control Panel and re-open QuikStor Express and retry payment process. The issue should be resolved and you should be able to accept payments once again! If you continue to have issues please contact QuikStor Technical Support.

To add a program to the Allowed programs and features list please select the Allow another program button on the page and scroll down to the following program QuikStor Express and other QuikStor Applications if required or told by a QuikStor Technician.

* You have now added the application to the Allowed programs and features list, please continue to Steps #6 & #7.

If you are still having technical difficulties receiving credit card payments please contact QuikStor Technical Support at 1-800-321-1987.

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