Starting a Tenant on Insurance without Taking a Payment

There are times in which you would like to start a tenant on insurance without requiring them to pay on the spot.  QuikStor Express v4.1.3.59 gives you the option to start insurance/protection during a move-in or for an existing tenant by applying the insurance fee as a debit on the tenants account. This way when the tenant is in the office or comes to pay he can pay the insurance balance.

Steps to activate this setting for your site:

  1. Go to Change Site Setup
  2. Select Technical
  3. Enable Option #21
  4. Select Save and Exit

Charge Insurance Debit

Starting a Tenant on Insurance without Taking a Payment:

  1. Go to Tools
  2. Select Start / Cancel Insurance
  3. Select the Insurance rate option
  4. Select Charge as Tenant Debit
  5. Select Start Insurance

Start Insurance screen











Manny Ramirez

Technical Support