Tenant Sources Reports

This section provides three marketing reports having to do with tenant sources.  These reports can be accessed from the Analysis drop down in the Marketing tab as well as from the Report Center or Reports Tab. Below is a description of each:

Tenant Sources (E-L-C)

This report lists all the sources of tenancy, with number and percentages of tenants referred by each source.

Tenant Sources for a Date Range (E-L-D)

Useful for planning marketing strategy, this report shows the sources of your tenants for a given time period.

Tenant Sources for Revenue Breakdown (E-L-O)

This report shows the source of current tenants for a given time period, as well as revenue collected for each source.  It also lists the percentage of revenue from each source.

Zip Code Analysis (E-L-F)

This report provides information showing which ZIP codes your tenants are from.

City Analysis (E-L-E)

This report shows how many tenants you have from each city.

Miles From Site (M-F-S)

This report analyzes the distance from your facility that your tenants travel from.  This report has two sections.  The first is a breakdown of the move-ins for the date range you specified, and the other shows all occupants.  Included in this report is the total number of tenants, percentage, plus a further breakdown of personal and business tenants.  This breakdown shows a percentage based on total distance in the following increments: less than one mile, one to three miles, three to five miles, five to ten miles, ten to twenty miles, over twenty iles, and Out of State.

Demographics Report (T-D-R)

This report gives you a breakdown of all of the units and the demographics of where your revenue is coming in.  This report is sorted by Unit number and has columns for Source, Profile, Sex, Miles From Site, Zip Code, Length of Stay (Months), and if they are a Truck Customer (if applicable).

NOTE: All of these reports and graphs can be saved in PDF format, printed, emailed, or emailed easily to QuikStor Technical Support.


Paul Mahoney

Technical Support