Testing Move-in Specials

For clients using the Revenue Optimization Center (Move-In Special Module)


After updating to QuikStor Express version or higher for the first time it is very important to test your move-ins specials module to verify that your are using a current version of Microsoft .Net (4.6 and higher)

Please enter a test move-in using one of your specials to verify there are no error messages.
Once you have verified that the move-in processed correctly please void the payment and move the tenant out.
You can follow the direction below if you want process a one penny move-in.

Penny Unit


  • Verify you are current with your windows updates (steps here)
  • If you receive and error in loading specials or running a special please try closing out of QuikStor Express then selecting one of the specials again. (depending on your system you might need to do this twice)
  • Try restarting your computer
  • Verify you are not running Windows XP on your computer as it is not compatible with new security standards.

If you continue to have issues with Move-In Specials please contact support at [email protected] or 800-321-1987