Training Mode

Training mode is a great QuikStor exclusive feature that allows new managers or even seasoned users to
practice functions in Express without working with live data. Training Mode offers a full version of Express with a dummy dataset where users can practice using new features, practice taking payments, etc. all without ever accessing your site’s live data! You can do any function that can be done in the normal version, see how it affects the data, and learn how each function works. When done or if you want to restore the dummy dataset you can go to Help -> Training Mode -> Restore Training Database. To exit Training Mode, just close Express. When you log back into the program, you will be in your operational database.

From modern view access training mode by going to Help-> Training Mode-> Switch to Training Mode


If you are using classic style simply go to Help -> Training Mode -> Switch to Training Mode

You will receive a prompt advising that you are switching to Training Mode. Click OK to proceed.


You know you are in training mode because the title at the top will say Training Mode and your QuikStor window will be highlighted red as shown below. Feel free to use / modify this database without worry of affecting your existing data or gate system.


At any time, you can restore your training database back to the default. Restore the training database by going to Help->Restore Training Databaserestore_training_database A pop-up will appear advising you that you are restoring your training database. Click OK if that was what you were trying to do!

Practice Tasks! – Don’t forget that you can print a practice checklist right from your QuikStor Express program. It is a helpful guide so that you remember to look at each area of the program!



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