Troubleshooting Desktop Card Swiper

Occasionally a desktop card swiper will seem to stop scanning cards or stop scanning them correctly. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take for your desktop card swiper.

Troubleshoot with Notepad

Verify there is a green light on your card swiper indicating it is plugged in and has power.

Open notepad (on a newer windows computer you can go to start  and search for the word notepad)


Swipe a card in the card reader. Text should appear containing the credit card number and name. If it is garbled or doesn’t seem to be right try again but this time slide the card faster or slower.

Sample Good Card Data

%B4413571288160050^LEE/APRIL A^1510101580000000000000858000000?;4123456789000000=15101010003895800000?

If no text appears make sure you are using notepad and not word pad or word. Unplug the cable from the computer and try again.

If still no text try switching the usb to a different port. If it was plugged into the back, try plugging it into the front for example.

If there is still no text the card swiper needs to be replaced.

Text Appears but its Not Correct

% signs and other special characters are normal. You should be able to make out the tenants name and expiration date. If this information is not coming through correctly, you may need to clean your card swiper. QuikStor sells special card swiper cleaning pads for this purpose.



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