Troubleshooting Wireless Alarms

If you have attempted to establish communication with the keypads and have failed, your best course of action is to check the system one component at a time. Here are some easy steps to verifying that the hardware is setup properly.


  •  Is the USB communication cable from the UltraConverter plugged into the management computer
  • Does the UltraConverter have the green LED power light on?
  • Is the “Power Reversed” light on? If so, swap your power wires.
  • Is the “PC Communication” light a solid green?
  • Is the “System Status” light a solid green? If it is flashing red continue troubleshooting.
  • Are the data communication wires firmly fastened to the terminal blocks and unbroken
  • Is the “Base Status” LED alternating between green & red? If not either the base station is not properly wired or is defective.


  • Check the voltage at each repeater. Each repeater should have a minimum of 12 volts DC and no more than 18 volts DC.
  • If there are any wire splices make sure that they are not broken or grounded which can cause power problems to the repeaters
  • Are the power leads properly terminated to the “12V” and “-“ terminals? No wiring should be on the “A” or “B” terminals on a repeater.
  • Did you install the proper ID in the location indicated by the QuikStor Installation Department? Failure to do so will result in certain repeaters not being able to communicate

Wireless Sensors

Is the sensor not checking into the system or not responding when you open a door?

  • First check your gap and confirm that you have the required 1/2″ gap. Having a gap that is too great may result in certain open or close events not transmitting to the office.
  • Is the proper ID for that sensor properly associated with the unit you are opening? If not, go into the Guardian Control Panel as noted above and enter the proper ID.
  • Are each of the (4) batteries properly installed inside the sensor? If not, push them into their holders so that they are seated completely.
  • Are each of the (4) batteries fully charged? Each battery should have +3V to properly operate. If one does not you should replace it with the same part number – Sony part#CR2032
  • There is an on/off jumper inside of the sensor to prevent premature battery depletion before installation. Confirm that the jumper is properly set to ON.

Is the unit sensor sounding an alarm or logging errant events? The usual two causes for this is improper gap or a very loose door. Check both of these by pushing back and forth on the door and seeing if you can trigger an event. If you can, you need to either reduce the gap between the magnet & sensor and/or tighten the door in the guiderails.

April has worked at QuikStor since 2008. As the former technical support manager she is experienced with all QuikStor products. Currently, she works as a sales representative to help storage facilities find solutions with QuikStor. Interested in purchasing software or keypads? Call April today!