Undo Last Action

QuikStor Express uses various actions to monitor the delinquency status of customers and apply fees as configured in delinquency setup. Removing fees can be done with a credit or by using the method described below. This method is a way to remove late fees and delinquency actions from the tenants account. If you wish to reverse or undo a delinquency action, you may do so as follows:

Select the tenant in question and click on the word Last Action next to the tenants delinquency status to bring up the delinquency history for the tenant:



Select the action you wish to reverse and then click the undo action button. Since this was a first late charge the system will prompt to verify that we want to reverse the 1st late charge.


Click YES to continue.  You may repeat this step for any other delinquency actions you wish to undo.

Note: The tenant transaction history will maintain a log of all late charges reversed.