Undo Move-out

This function will return a former tenant unit to their vacated unit

Go to Move-In/out -> Undo Move-Out.  The Undo Move-out option moves a previously vacated tenant back into their unit. It can be used if you accidentally move out the wrong tenant, or if the tenant changes his mind during the move out process.undomoveout

To undo the move-out, left click on the unit you wish to undo, (scrolling up and down as needed). You can sort by any of the columns by left clicking on the title for that column, or you can search for a certain former tenant, by entering their last name or unit number in the search field. Highlight the unit and click undo move-out , then choose Yes to confirm.



NOTE: You can only move a tenant back in if their previous unit is vacant.

Keep in mind that when a tenant is vacated their credit card and gate code information are deleted from the system. You will need to re-enter a credit card and add a new gate code for them.


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