Unit Setup During Data Entry

Unit Type 

This window allows you to create a unit type.  Later you will use these types to add specific units.


Go to the Unit Types menu on the toolbar and click on Work With Unit Types, or click on the Unit Types button on the main screen.


In order to define specific units in your facility, you must first define the unit types.  For example, you might have 20 units that are 10X10 with roll-up doors on the first floor.  Rather than re-enter all of this information each time you create a new unit, you simply create a unit type with those parameters.  Each time you create a unit with those attributes, you will define it as this type.

To add a unit type into your system, click on Add Type and fill in the information boxes.  Once you finish entering your unit type information, click on the ?OK button to add the new type.  Repeat this process for each different unit type you have in your facility.


Note:  You must fill in all of the required information or you will not be able to click the ?OK button.  The only optional fields are security deposit info and the check box at the bottom of the window.  If options like “Type” or “Door” do not apply, simply choose “Other” from the pull-down menu.


When you have filled in all of the information, click the ?OK button.

Add Unit

This window allows you to add individual units to your site, using the unit types you have created.

To add a unit to your system, go to the Unit menu on the toolbar and select Add Unit, or click on the Add Unit button on your main screen.  For each unit that you add, you will have to fill in a Unit Number, a Unit Type, and whether it is Vacant/Occupied.  Below is a description of each of these actions.


Unit Number

Every time you add a new unit to your site, you must enter an alphanumeric unit “number” in the specified field.  You will not be able to enter a number/letter that corresponds to a unit that has already been created.  When you have entered a number/letter in the specified field click the ?OK button.


Once you have selected OK, you will need to choose the correct unit type for this unit from the list you added in the steps above.


Once a unit type has been selected you will be asked if the unit is Vacant. If the unit IS vacant please select yes. If the unit is not vacant is imperative that you select NO and continue by entering the tenant information. Instructions for entering tenant information can be found here: Adding Tenant Information During Data Entry