Using a USB Credit Card Swiper

Installing and using the USB Credit Card swiper is fairly simple. Follow the steps below to get started!

  1. Plug in the USB plug to an available port on your computer. It is preferable to plug the swiper directly into the PC and avoid using any kind of USB hub.USB port
  2. Open your QuikStor Express program. Select any tenant and click Make A Payment (we won’t actually be making a payment, just testing the card swiper).newCC
  3. Click on the Swipe Card buttonSwipeCard
  4. A window will appear advising you to swipe the card. Go ahead and swipe the card. Your card swiper should have an imprint showing which way the mag stripe should face.swipecardnow
  5. The credit card information should populate. Verify it is accurate and click OK to proceed. ccinfo

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