Vacate Linked Unit with Transfer of Refund

When vacating one unit of a linked set that is due a refund, it is possible to transfer the credit balance one of the remaining units.

In this demonstration we are going to vacate unit 12 which has a balance of $90.00. Click the moveoutbutton button to start the move out process.


Select your desired options for printing / emailing the vacate receipt and click NEXTunit12-2

The next screen asks what you would like to do with the keycodes for this unit. You can either delete them or transfer them to one of the other linked units. Make your selection and press NEXTunit12-3

Configure this screen as you would for any other move-out. In this case I have chosen to refund the rent and monthly charges for 17 days as well as the security deposit leaving this tenant with $87.80 due for a refund. Click Move-out to proceed.


Because this is a linked unit I now have the option to either refund the amount now OR transfer the credit balance to one of the linked units. In this example I am going to transfer the $87.80 refund due as a credit to Unit 7 and press CONFIRM.creditunit

Click YES to confirm the move-out. confirmation

Unit 12 has been vacated and we can now see that unit 7 has had a Credit of $87.80 applied.The notes for unit 7 have been updated. note

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