Void A Credit Card Payment

A credit card payment can be voided if it meets the following two qualifications:

  1. The payment was made today.
  2. The card used is NOT a debit card (debit card transactions must be reversed the following day)

Instructions for voiding a payment:

  • Go to Payment -> Void A Paymentvoidpayment
  • A list of payments available that were taken today will appeareligiblevoids
  • Select the payment you wish to void. A window will appear with the information about the payment breakdown. It will advise the resulting paid-to date if the payment is voided. If this is the correct payment click YES to continue.voidscreen
  • Several messages will appear making sure this is the correct payment to void. If all the information is correct proceed by clicking YESvoidsure
  • Once the payment has been voided a success message will appear. This confirms that the payment has been voided and the tenants account has NOT been charged.voidsuccess