When will delinquency actions show up on the Actions Needed (F-A) report?

The Actions Needed report shows you what actions need to happen when, based on your Delinquency settings.  The F-A report looks like this:


To determine when items will show up on the above report, start by going to Support -> Delinquency Settings  This will print a report that looks something like this:delinquencysettings

This report shows how you have your delinquency settings set up.  Each step in the Actions Needed report shows what is due, but has not yet been done.  So in this case, if for some reason the First Late Notice was not printed for a unit during Overnight Processing, but it is more than 10 days past the Paid To Date (note the 10 in the Days column after First Late Notice), the F-A will show a First Late Notice for that unit.  Pre-Lien is calculated the same way – in this case, 20 days after a tenant’s PTD, assuming the Pre-Lien hasn’t been processed, that will show up on the F-A.

Lien Sales are due when the Pre-Lien expires.  In this case, the Pre-Lien expires after 5 days (the 5 is listed in the “Expires” column), so adding that to the amount of time for the Pre-Lien to become due, which is 20, you can see that the Lien Sale Notice will be due on the 25th day after a tenant’s Paid To Date.

Advertising fees are due after the Lien Sale expires.  Again, the “Expires” column shows that the Lien Sale expires after 5 days – so adding 5 to the 25 we had from the step above, we see that Advertising is due on the 30th day after a tenant’s Paid To Date.

Each step will be shown on the F-A ONLY when the previous step is completed.  So if a tenant is 30 days past their Paid-To Date, but they haven’t yet received a First Late Notice, that will be all the F-A shows.

To change any of these numbers, go to Settings / Delinquency Setup and adjust them for each applicable fee and notice.

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